Security Electronic Code for Safe

Brass Components
From Design-Developing-
Mold Making-Component-
Integrated Operation  


*Die Casting Series
We do tooling or customer
designing by computer
(Auto-CAD and Pro-E)
and construct handmade 
prototypes before actual


Auto Gear Lever Locks
Made of forged alloy steel,
available in black or walnut
All Kind of Key Blanks

*Brass material
*Color brass
*Car key
*Aluminum material
*Brass with plastic key bow
*Key labels, ring & chain

*Locksmith pick set    


cable lock

Cable, Combination Cable & Vehicle Locks
P0400-08 Re-Settable Combination Cable locks
P0400-09 Cable, Combination Padlocks & Locks
P0400-10 Steel Cable Locks & Plastic Pumps
P0400-14 Steel Wire and Rope Products
P0800-13 Cable Gun Locks & Brass Cable Locks
Computer Security Locks

cam lock

Cam Locks
P0600-09  Flat Key Cam Locks  
P0600-12  Flat Key Cam Locks and Hand Operated Locks  
P2000-02  Detained Disc Cam Locks   
P3000-01  7 Pins Tubular Key Cam Locks     
P3000-02  U-Change & 10 Locking Cam Locks     
P3000-03  Mini Tubular Key Cam Locks
Point-03    Tubular Key Cam Lock
Flat and Dimple Key Cam Locks


P0600-06  Plunger Locks for Sliding Glass Door
P0600-10  Steel or Wooden Furniture Locks 
P0800-09  Euro Profile Cylinders
P0800-10  Base, Rim, Single Oval & Deadbolt Cylinders
P0800-11  Mortise Cylinders       
Tubular Key Vending Machine Locks & Push Locks

Point-03    Tubular Key Cylinders
Point-05    Flat or Cross  Key Cylinders

door security

Door Security  
P0500-01  Magnetic Card Access Control System
P0600-01  Narrow Stile Dead latches
P0600-03  Roller, Glass door & Mortise Locksets
P0600-04  Short Backset Cylinder Mortise Locks
P0600-06  Plunger Lock for Sliding Glass Doors
P0600-10  Steel Furniture & Drawer Locks
P0600-14  Overhead Door Closers
P0600-16  Door Guard Various Kinds Electric Door Locks
P0600-17  Sliding Glass Door Locks
P0600-19  Flash Bolt & Sliding Door Lock Sets
P0600-23  Door Locksets & handles
P0600-24  Tubular Locksets
P0600-25  Handle Locksets & Deadbolt
P0600-26  Double Cylinder Lockset & Mortise Door Locks
P0800-07  Door Lock-Double Threw
Lever Handle & Hardware


Padlocks Index
P0600-07  Re-settable Combination Locks for Luggage & Bags
P0800-01  Economy Brass Padlocks
P0800-02  Heavy Duty & Rekeyable Padlocks 
P0800-03  Laminated Steel Padlocks
P0800-04  Stainless Steel Space Padlocks
P0800-05  Baked Varnish Padlocks
P0800-06  Block Padlock
P0800-12  Vinyl Coated Padlocks 
P2000-01  Detained Disc Brass Padlocks   
P3000-10  Tubular Key Brass Padlocks 

safe lock

Security Proof Safe Series    
P0400-01  Security Alarm Proof Safe
P0400-02  Security Safe
P0400-03  Combination Dial Safe Locks & Lever Handle
P0400-04  Changing Combination Dial Safe Locks
P0400-05  Economy Combination Dial Safe Locks
P0400-06  Cylinder, Lock for Safe and Deposit Locks
Lever Handles for Safe
machine Machines & Duplication Machines
P0100-02  Spindle Automatic Drilling Machine for Lock Body
                    Automatic Drilling & tapping Machine for Lock Body
P0100-03  Automatic Plug Broaching Machines
P0100-04  Automatic Hydraulic Machines
                    Automatic Milling Machine for Shackle
                    Automatic Hydraulic Press Machine for Shackle Mark
                    Bending Machine for Shackle
P0100-05  Automatic Hydraulic Press Machine for Key Mark
                    6-Spindle Key Biting Machine
                    NC Key Tooth Forming Machine
                    CNC Key Tooth Forming Machine or Auto Key
                    Tooth Forming
P0100-06  High-Speed Automatic Key Milling Machine
                    Automatic Key Milling machine
P0100-09  Key Surface & Groove Processing machine
                    Tubular Key Groove Processing machine
P0100-10  Automatic Pin-Hole Drilling Machine for Plug
                    Automatic Drilling & Milling Machine for Plug-End
                    Automatic 3-Spindle Plug Machine
P0100-11  Automatic Shackle Bolt Cutting Machine
                    Vertical Automatic Cutting Machine
P0100-16  GL-888A Key Duplication Machine
P0100-17  GL-203 AHD Key Duplication Machine
P0100-18  GL-203 CHD Key Duplication Machine

P0100-19  GL-2000/4000/6000/8000 Key Duplication Machine
Automatic Numbering Typewriter Machine

 switch lock

Electric Switch Locks        
P0600-18  Mini Size Flat Key Electric Switch Locks
P0500-08  Flat Key Electric Switch Lock (6 terminals)
P0500-09  Flat Key Electric Switch Lock (4 terminals)
P0500-10  Flat Key Electric Switch Lock (8 terminals)
P2000-03  Detained Disc Electric Switch Locks
P3000-04  Tubular Key Electric Switch Locks
P3000-05  Mini Tubular Key Electric Switch Locks
Economy Mini Tubular Key Electric Switch Locks

Other Items    
P0600-08  Lock Set and Related Accessories of ABS Hardbound, EVA and PP cases

P0800-14  Trigger Lock

Point-02    Hardware (Steel Tape Measure and Handle)
Point-06    Hardware (Lever handle, Key Chain, Key tag and Locksmith)